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Cant get UHD channel

Hi Folks,


I am paying for the HD channels which should include the UHD channel, which I could not previously get as my ADSL line was not fast enough - I should add that BT sent me the UHD box so I have the hardware.  When I upgraded to FTTP 900 service, I called and asked to get the channel enabled but no joy 😞  Its now about 3 weeks of calls to BT support and I still dont have the channel.  Last night they basically removed my package and then re-ordered it and said it would be through in 10 mins but a couple of hours later and still no change.  I also cant see the UHD channel on the app on my Ipad or Android phone, I dont know what to do next - every time I call its an hour on hold and it never gets sorted!

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BT Sport Expert
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Re: Cant get UHD channel

Regarding the app - BT Sport Ultimate is only available for specific events, so you won't see it in the mobile/tablet app unless there's currently an HDR event on and your device is HDR capable.
10 weeks is an absolutely ridiculous amount of time to wait for the YouView issue to be resolved - I'll send you a DM. Please reply with the details I've requested, and I'll get one of our BT TV experts on the case.
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