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College Football & AFL coverage


Hi there,

I've been a long standing BT customer and fan of both Colelge Football and Australian Rules Football.

Watching  the College games last weekend, I don't understand why BT feel the need to cut away any time the US broadcaster runs an advert? I was watching an NFL game on Sky the other night and they just let the advert run rather than breaking up the coverage. My understanding of the rule is that if it occurs during live coverage there's no issue? It would be much better in the coverage could flow steadily like Sky's.

With the AFL, which is currently in it's Final series, it's very disappointing when BT cut away as soon as the game finishes rather that hold on for the post-game interviews. Is this something that could be looked at/chganged? The West Coast vs Essendon game coverage finished as soon as the final whistle went last week.

Just a couple of suggestions that would improve the excellent coverage of these two sports. Look forward to your feedback,





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Re: College Football & AFL coverage

Hi @alexpeden2000  welcome to the community. 

I suspect for the Aussie Rules BT are  taking a world feed with commentary of the AFL. So when the world feed stops at the final whistle so does their coverage. ( I suspect that world feed coverage of trophy presentation at the final would continue but not for earlier matches). 

I did watch some NFL on Sky Sports Main Event over the weekend. My impression is that Sky  attempt to replace the advert breaks  that the host US broadcasters whose feeds they take  with their own (Sky) ads . promos or their own Sky pundit team. I think the nature of how the US networks broadcasts mean that some ads get through and may be seen by UK viewers.  I think one of their host broadcasters slips in short 30 sec commercials during live coverage which can sometimes catch them out.

For the College Football that BT Sport show  if there was an ad break in the transmission from the US host broadcaster they would need to cut to either their own  UK adverts or promos for upcoming events.  Generally  BT would need to react to whatever the broadcast stream  is providing. Broadcasting US adverts that might be on a local US Tv network is not something I would expect , remembering that Ofcom licensed channels have advertising quotas and standards to follow.


Only my views - 

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