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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

@KitHI'm in no way complaining about the Ultimate channel on my 4K T4000 as it gives a fantastic UHD picture, in fact it's amazing this afternoon on the West Ham v Man City match. I think maybe my remarks re 1080p/HDR versus 4K/HDR have been taken out of context.

I'm delighted with the picture I get from the Ultimate channel (UHD) and am prepared to wait for full 4K HDR (over 1080p/hdr), however long or short a time that takes to arrive.

I hope that clears up my remarks 😀

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?



As @KitH  correctly says, the 4K box doesn't do HDR.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Delighted you're enjoying the picture. If only my home had the line speed to deliver 4k on my box - bloomin BT broadband...! 😉

And yes thanks for your patience - we're continuing to work hard on improving picture quality across all our platforms. Things like encryption to stop people pirating our streams complicates things but we will get there!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


PS. When our good friends at Sky do finally catch up with us on picture quality, let me know 🙂

I don't have BT Sport Ultimate as my line speed isn't fast enough, but just so you know, the picture for Sky Sports Main Event on the YouView 4K box you supplied is superior to any other HD channel you provide through the box. 

Feel free to pop round if you don't believe me. 😉

The 1080p HDR feed via the Apple TV is better than any HD channel through the YouView box though. 

BT Sport Ultimate on Apple TVBT Sport Ultimate on Apple TV


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


I agree with you on the exceptional quality of Main Event HD.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Jamie Carragher in stunning high definition is still Jamie Carragher 😉

Enjoy the game folks!

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

I notice that subscribers who don’t have the 4K pack on their bt you view box still get ultimate on their Apple TV app. I subscribe to bt sport app as a bt broadband customer  (don’t have bt tv) but only get HD sport channels on the Apple TV not ultimate and therefore don’t get HD with HDR. Is this correct and if so is it going to change any time soon.

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?


Hi KitH and all the other recent posters regarding the status of HDR on BT's Ultimate Sports Channel.

I've just come home from decorating my sisters flat and can see there has been a lot of activity today!

Mostly positive from what I can see.

The good news is that when I was around my sisters I did get the HDR moniker this time!!!

I'm still catching up on all the posts but I see there may have been some issues last Sunday over account permissions, which I think was my issue. I did contact BT support during the match last Sunday and asked if there was an issue with my account not being flagged correctly... and they said no, and that the issue was my phone... 😞 moving on...

Anyhow, good news that things are starting to work.

I can see @KitH has been posting lots and explaining what happen last Sunday and what should happen in the future, which is great to see.

However, BT should have been a lot quicker in responding, I myself, and countless others have spent hours on this matter, either speaking to BT support or seeking, or offering help here on these forums.

I think we can all forgive when things don't go according to plan, BUT, and this is the real issue for me, what we don't care for is being given the run around by customer support, misinformation, or denial that something is even wrong.

@KitH  whilst BT may not have liked all of the negative and frustrated postings on here over the last few days, I feel that BT should understand that the people who take time to post and engage on these forums around matters like this one are some of BT's most passionate customers, and have probably offered BT a good deal of insight into what could have gone wrong last Sunday.

Anyhow, great to see things are coming together, so I'm off now to read all of the new posts and catch up fully on all that people have been saying! 

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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Final question please..

Is it expected to be possible in the near future to expect 4K HDR via the BT Sport app on my Samsung TV.

I know a new box is in development and I sincerely hope it will improve on the current box, but more importantly that it is affordable for existing customers who've recontracted to the premium services.

Thanks again


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Re: Community Shield - no HDR?

Well said @4KTVFan  I feel that BT should understand that the people who take time to post and engage on these forums around matters like this one are some of BT's most passionate customers

Exactly correct. We want nothing but the best from and for BT and are more than willing to be patient and wait on all this technology being prepared for us.  @KitH has been stellar in keeping us updated. Now if only the rest of the BT team behind these innovations could be as forthright and honest with us 😎