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Devices registered for playback


Until a few days ago we were quite happy watching BT TV Entertainment channels on our laptop, our only one device, then when we tried again yesterday, we received the message "You have reached the limit on the number of devices you have registered for playback (WP928)". Looking at the device management section, two devices were there, one for our Windows 10 laptop and another for a Windows 8 desktop. We don't have another device apart from our only one laptop, and not a Windows 8 desktop, so we are thoroughly confused. We phoned BT and the operative said she would reset things and all I had to do was delete the devices. We did this but now we have no devices registered at all, so cannot play anything for sometime. We understand the requirements to limit devices, but we only ever had one device anyway which we cannot now get back for a few weeks to try again. I would be most grateful for any assistance please.

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