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Disappointed with BT when enquiring about 4K



Slightly disappointed with BT's service today when enquiring about the new 4K BT Sport.


I am currently a BT Infinity 2 customer, although I live in a rural area so my speeds are only ~40Mbps.


Initially, I spoke with an advisor who was talking me through the setup process of the 4K BT Sport along with prices, etc. Unfortunately, just after giving the go-ahead to order, I was told that my broadband speed was not fast enough.


Next, I speak to someone on BT live chat regarding my broadband speed, who gave me some tips to increase it. He assured me that my speed was fast enough for 4K BT Sport, so I call back to speak with another advisor.


Speaking with someone else, I then get told that it's nothing to do with my broadband speed, it's just that 4K isn't available in my area. Didn't quite understand this.


Giving up on the advisors, I try ordering online. After entering my phone number and postcode, I am informed my estimated broadband speed is not fast enough. Therefore, instead of going back to live chat, I call up tech support. I speak to a friendly tech support worker who understood my situation. He talked me through the process of testing my speed, which came to 36Mbps and got me to play 4K videos through YouTube on my TV. All worked fine, so he told me he's unsure as to why my speed isn't fast enough. He put me on hold and spoke to the sales advisors for himself, and returned to say I need at least 44Mbps, and because I'm short by ~8Mbps I'm unable to get 4K BT Sport.


What a disappointment!

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Re: Disappointed with BT when enquiring about 4K

I have the 4k channel and it seems to use around 4mb per sec, you should have enough but it would leave 500k connection for everything else.. would mean your inet almost unusable for other users in your house.
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Re: Disappointed with BT when enquiring about 4K

The requirement that your line must have an estimated minimum sync speed of 44Mbps is correct. It's listed in the small print somewhere. There have also been plenty of recent posts on the forum about it. Why all the other advisors couldn't have told you that I don't know?

Note that even Infinity 1 customers can order UHD as long as their line is capable of supporting the required speed.
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Re: Disappointed with BT when enquiring about 4K

The line go gure they use is the minimum 'clean' speed shown by the BT wholesale DSL checker website for your line.

They have to draw a line somewhere which inevitably means some people will be disappointed when they fall the wrong side of it. They may reduce the 44Mbps rule in future based on experience but that is what it is at present.
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