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Do I still need a Youview box?

Maybe a slightly strange question for this forum but I have just bought my first Smart TV and am wondering what the benefits of keeping the BT TV contract are. From what I can tell, the main difference between the box and my TV functions is being able to record one programme and watch something different. I currently have the older black BT Vision box so guess an upgrade is in order if I stick with it.


Can anyone offer any pointers on what else the box has to offer - picture quality, apps, BT Sport (can I get the app directly on my TV?). Any thoughts welcome.

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Re: Do I still need a Youview box?

You can get BT Sport on a YouView box if you are on an appropriate BT TV package and if your line is suitable.  You would have to check on the BT Sport web page to find that out.


The YouView box has built-in Freeview HD tuners, so it can receive and record HD channels.  YouView also has some add-on players.  These may or may not also be available on your smart TV.

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