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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

No it doesn't surprise me. I couldn't get it going on Xp although I was trying in a VM and couldn't update the video drivers.

What does surprise me is that you are trying to get it to work on an out of date operating system which is soon to be EOL.
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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

There you go again...


Silverlight supported platforms - XP with IE 8 - Check


Is XP listed by BT as an un-supported platform ?  - No.


Are you trying to say the problem is because cutomers are using an XP platform ? your post suggest BT have never been able to get anybody usiing an XP platform to get the online player to work, therefore the BT Sport online player is not compatible with Windows XP, sorry i must have missed this section on the 'system requirements'


End of life or not, its a platform still widely used by many individuals and companies, BT Either support it or the don't, make your minds up.



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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

I have it working on Win 7 and Win 8, but I couldn't get it going on XP.

Maybe I'll blow the dust off an old laptop and try again in the week.

I have heard it works for others though. One said he had to reformat the PC and reload everything to get it going.
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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

Thought i would post an update on this.


BT have never go back to me regards a fix and to be frank its pretty **bleep** pathetic support from top to bottom.


I have double checked BT 'legal stuff' section on the BT SPort website, this by the way is pretty much the only place you are going to find 'what you need to connect to bt sport' . Its not in or under an obvious place such as 'what you need to connect to BT Sport' !!!


Within this 'legal stuff' you will find the line ....

' UK residential broadband customers only. BT broadband customers can watch BT Sport online at home with a minimum line speed of 400kbps. To watch BT Sport online elsewhere you need 3G/4G/wifi (charges may apply).'


I already had a susspicion my issue was network/tel line related and nothing to do with the software.


I have just spent close on 2 hours on the telephone to support where eventually i have managed to get a 'flakey' answer to my question; 'can you access BT Sport from a telephone line other than the one you are registered with OR from a network connection OUTSIDE of the UK?'

The answers were, yes you can access from any landline but NOT from outside the UK.


My issue relates to accessing BT Sport at work, and although i'm sitting in the UK,  i know my works corporate network will use a proxy server outside of the UK and so now i believe i have the anser as to why i get the VC018 error.


It would be most helpful to everybody involved if BT actually stated this in the 'legal stuff' of which should really be in a 'what do i need to connect to BT sport' and cascaded this information to the support teams.


So BT .. when do you intend addressing addressing this issue of customers sitting in the UK but accessing the service through proxies outside of the UK. If you need assistance, have a word with the BBC and SKY.


Sorry those of you still getting VC018's and accessing from a UK IP adress, this will be of no use to you at all and no doubt you have decided to stop holding your breath waiting for a BT resolution.

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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1


If the answer to this problem is to do wuth my IP being listed abroad, please can you confirm this?

This should be a very simple Yes/No answer.


If Yes can you also organise my BT Business Infinity ip address to be re-regestered in the Uk as it is YOU that is stopping the service working & not my PC.

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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

Nice to see that BT actually respond to the threads to help the people paying for a service from them

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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

Hi SkinJ,


I'm sorry to see you're having problems using the BT Sport player. If your broadband service is routing your request via another country then you will not be able to use the app. 


I can't advise you if this is a feature on the business Infinity service as this forum is for residential BT customers but the users on may be able to advise you further.  


Also the following link may help solve problems with BT sport app or player error messages






Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1

Hi there,

I use Google Chrome and am having the same VC018 issues, on an arbitrary basis, despite completely clearing the Cache since time began.

When I say arbitrary, I mean I managed to log in with no difficulty to watch friday's Aviva Sale rugby game. Logged off shortly after. Yet when I booted up the PC at 2pm the following day to watch Toulon I was confronted by the VC018 error. After messing about for an hour finally managed to get it working again(after moving over to the laptop - and nuking the cashe since time began. Viewed the afternoon Aviva rugby game. Roll on Sunday, watched Sarries v Saints.No issue. Came back two hours later to view something, VC018 and cant get in,no matte what I do.

So essentially I cant view BT Sport in any of three browsers (Chrome, Firefox,and IE)

I deleted the cache once again, I've deinstalled and reionstalled Silverlight, I've used the Silverlight fix someone linked. And In still get the **bleep** same error.

I've been a BT subscriber, in various forms, for the last 15 years. Currently on BTInfinity. The BTSport has been a godsend,but if I am unable to view it on my pc then little point remainign a subscriber.

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Re: Error VC018 - XP - IE8 - Silverlight 5.1


did you upgrade Silverlight recently? i.e Version 5.1.30214.0. I did and it crashed BT Sport!


Known to be buggy, and an incorrect uninstall will cause days of fun!!! Going around in a tortuous cycle of uninstall - reinstall.


On my MacBookPro I had to ferret around my hard drive - manually uninstalling every trace of Siverlight (some hidden) before a fresh install of the previous version - just in time for MotoGP!


Thank you Microsoft for not supplying a simple right-click uninstall?

Smiley Mad


Hope Chromecast isn't reliant on a Silverlight rewrite! I'm sunk!!!!

Smiley Sad