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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Thanks, Eljay.

I had the 6030 error. Disabled the other 3 screens and it is OK now. Waiting for Steve G's testimonial KO.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Who are the issues being reported to? Someone who can fix the problem from the BT end?. All I got from the BT helpline was a repeat of the advice on the web site from someone who clearly hadn't read (or couldn't read) the details given in my email. It's about time BT acknowledged the problem with live video and gave an indication that the problem is being worked on.
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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Already lost 3 hours of my life over 3 days trying to get help from the overseas " Help Desk " said they had never heard of error 6030 !  but i now have a fault code !!!Smiley Surprised which will make evrything OK ???

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

OK, for the benefit of those people who are having problems with errors 6025, 6030 and VC010, here is a solution. I am afraid it isn't very good and it has to be applied *every time you switch channels*. What is shows is that (i) there is a problem with the DRM system used by BT, (ii) the cookies used to keep track of the number of streams is not working, and (iii) neither BT nor their suppliers bothered to do much testing of their system before they shipped it. Hopefully this will work for most people, but if anybody has any questions I can try to help. Also hiopefully BT will get off their backsides and come up with a better and more permanent fix.

1. Load the webpage into your browser and click on a live channel and waight for the Silverlight rotating logo to appear. Right click on the logo and the text "Silverlight" should appear on a button. Click the button and the Silverlight configuration dialog should appear. Click on the about tab and check the Version. If it shows Version 5.1 or later, you need to goback tto an earlier version.

1.1. Close your browser
1.2. Uninstall Silverlight: Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs/Microsoft Silverlight/Remove
1.3. Download version 5.0.61118 Silverlight from and run it to install it.
1.4. You need to stop Silverlight updating itself, so before running Silverlight, find the drectory containing the Silverlight software (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Silverlight if you use standard Windows configuration).
1.5 Open the folder 5.0.61118.0 and run the "Silverlight.Configuration.exe" to bring up the configuration dialog again.
1.6 Click on the "Updates" tab and select "Never check for updates".
1.7 From now on, whenever you run Silverlight in your browser it will probably tell you that your version of Silverlight is out of date and ask whether you want to run it this time. Click on the button to run it this time. If you want to suppress this message their will be options in the browser. If you are using Chrome add the argument '--allow-outdated-plugins' in the Target line (Right click on the Chrome icon in the Start menu, load the properties dialog).

2. You now need to stop Playdata giving you a 6025 error. Search for the Playdata directory, which may be at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady (or it may be elsewhere). There will be a file named mspr.hds. I think it is OK to delete this file because it gets recreated, but if you are not comfortable with that you should just rename it. You will not be able to delete it if Silverlight is running so make sure all browser windows are closed at this point.

3. At this point you may be able to get BT Sport to work, but chances are you will get VC010 error messages saying that you have exceeded the number of allowed streams. This appears to be a cookie problem, that you can get round by clearing all the cookies in your browser and clearing the internet cache. You will have to look that up for your own particular browser. One side effect is that when you clear the cookies BT Sport loses track of your login details, so you will have to log in again.

4. Restart the browser and navigate to the webpage and reload the live channel. This time you may get 6025 errors, but pressing Continue/Watch again generally gets the right result in the end.

5. If you want to switch channels, you will have to repeat steps 2-4.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Having received error 6025 consistently and attempted to fix the problem by reverting to Silvertlight 5.0.61118 without success, I found that by modifying the playback configuration of Silverlight to disable hardware acceleration I achieved successful connection to BT Sport 1.


  1. Open Microsoft Silverlight
  2. Select Playback tab.
  3. Uncheck 'Enable hardware-accelerated playback' checkbox under Hardware acceleration.
  4. Click OK to save change.



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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Why is guy creating a separate thread which says "IT'S NOT A BT PROBLEM" Its a Silverlight problem...we know that...BUT BT CHOSE TO USE SILVERLIGHT



NIGELE ...its the latest version of Silverlight which causes the problem... Forget the rating I thought I was going to be able to Mark you ZERO ...unfortunately I've RATED you and can't delete it.


I am running XP SP3 IE 8 all of which should bve supported by Silverlight 5 >>> So you tell me the System Requirements ?????? You post is most unhelpfulll as a BT moderator and I can't reply on the thread 😞 .


H/W acceleration is uncheck on mine and I've gone back to 61118

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

Followed the detailed instructions posted by 3coloursunburst in this thread, but it didn't work for me, I'm still getting the dreaded 6025 error ... missed the Arsenal vs Napoli game today. It's funny how the BT sport app works on my mobile phone but I can't get the web player to work,  always get the the same 6025 error. I've tried, Chrome, IE, and Firefox.


Using Silverlight 5.0.61118 made no difference in my case

Disabling or enabling hardware acceleration also made no difference

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6036 An Error has occurred

I have BT Broadband and have been trying to access BT Sport. All seems OK with the logins and I can click on the programme pages but always I then get an error  - 6036 An Error has occurred.


I think this has to do with Microsoft Silverligtht and I have uninstralled it and reinstalled it and I have Silverlight version 5 (5.1.20513.0) which I believe to be the latest version but I still get the same error 6035 and cannot watch the programmes. I have tried to call BT and they say they are too busy and even the email contact doesn't seem to be working.


Any suggestions



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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

I'm running xp and firefox and have finally got this working - many thanks to lambjon and 3coloursunburst, absolutely no thanks whatsoever to BT and their "technical support".


This is a pretty dirty workaround though and will be a complete pain if it persists, and I'm not comfortable with running an out of date version of Silverlight.


There has clearly been absolutely no testing of this whatsoever prior to release, judging by the amount of different OS and browsers that are mentioned on this forum. For BT to lay the blame at Silverlight's door is pretty laughable. But not suprising.


Thanks again lambjon and 3coloursunburst for taking the time to post.

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Re: Error code 6030 & 6025

I have now tried using the online player on 4 different computers without success. I have tried various solutions suggested here but only managed to change the error code I get. I understand this is a silverlight issue, which is something to do with encryption to prevent ilegal streaming...imagine my surprise when I visit my neighbour who is watching the BT broadcast of the Arsenal v Napoli game through a streaming site lol..BT this and you are a Joke

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