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Error code WP025 trying to log into BT TV on PC

Help. Problems watching BTTV on pc and get code WP025 ( sometimes yellow band WJ900).New PC and I think it might be to do with graphics card...or maybe not as I am a numpty on technical stuff.

Gradually doing a check of all systems. Realised that I had connected monitor to use inegrated graphics only but  have been able to watch online with no issues. Monitor connectes via VGA. Realised that i was not using the Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card which son will need to use when he comes home (!) so I have now connected monitor  via HDMI to VGA connector ( purchased from Dell). Although I can view videos online on You Tube, BBC news and iplayers etc I cannot view anything in BT player and keep getting error WP025 usually after a split second/few seconds of vision and sound. Have just started to get a yellow band when i try to log in with code WJ900 as well.  Instead of connecting via VGA I connected with the HMDI into back panel and BT player works fine on the integrated graphics so it cant be the cable.There is a slot to connect via DVI but I dont want to shell out for another VGA converter cable if there is some other obvious fix.

Just run out of ideas so any input welcome.Thanks





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