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Tried to reg BT sports on sky. 


I understood that a 12 month contract is required.  I have a discounted 40 gb deal to end December.  (i just creep over the 10 gb most months) 


Spoke to three people on the phone, first two useless, last 'better', upshot is;

- they can not roll over my discounted rate at the mo, will not discuss until December!

- if I agree to a new 12 month deal, it has to be at the £21 rate, (double what i pay now!) 40gb doesn't exist anymore, and £16 jobbie does not apply in my area!  (no mid range pricing anymore)

- was told I could watch it online at or ipad app for 'free'.  Even if they existed, it looks like i'd still have to register - see 2 points above!!!


Can anyone confirm if you have to do a 12 month broadband deal to watch on-line or via app?


I was only interested in the Rugby, so I'm not going to lose out much


And, if they don't do a deal on renewal, they'll lose a customer of 10 years!!!  Perhaps talktalk et al will look after customers (don't answer that one, lol!!!)





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Re: Farcical!!!

on-line and app are free as long as you are a bt broadband customer


you need tohave 12months on your contract to get it added to sky for free

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Re: Farcical!!!

Basically, if you want free sport, then don't expect special offers as well.


The video on the web site is free to all broadband customers who have signed up for a "MyBT" account, but only in low-definition.

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