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Re: Free HDR viewing for the UEFA Champions League 2019


Apols. I meant a single page with the technical what you are aiming for. 

Not the programming. Just what services will be HDR for example.

Example. Technical help page could say (in your help section under the appropriate section)

Apple TV.   HDR on 1080p only until further notice. No 4k at the moment.

Atmos is via BT Box only, no other devices.

Samsung.   Whatever whatever technical so and so.

xbox so and so services only will run etc. etc.


This link is a couple of clicks in from my search. I did not see it the other day, edit date on this page 29 July.




Though I did find mentions on other sites confusing the issue. I know you have no control there.


4K sport is still superb.


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Re: Free HDR viewing for the UEFA Champions League 2019

Hi All, thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback on your HDR experiences.  We’re locking this thread now as it was set up for the Champions League coverage which was on June 1st.

We would encourage customers who experience problems or have any questions about HDR to please create their own thread.