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Re: Help with getting new channels please!

@SimonOS18 wrote:

I spoke to BT helpdesk today whilst my BT Vision box was connected by a long ethernet cable directly to Homehub. Whilst they were checking things out the BT Sport channels and ESPN came to life so I left it at that. At least I know now that it will work but this still leaves me with the problem of Homehub being in another room and not practical to have direct cable running to it. As soon as I reattached via powerline adaptors I lost the signal again although I can stiil use iPlayer.


I'm wondering whether to shell out for 200 or 500mbps Powerline adaptors or if I need to get my Homehub relocated in the same room. The easiest and cheapest would be the adaptors for about £40 but the question is whether they will give me the extra oomph I need if I am only getting 11mb down/ 7up using the 85mbps adaptors now. Anyone any views on this?

I've got a pair of TP-Link 200 Mbps TL-PA211 Nano powerline adapters which I get about 40 Mbps throughput (and sometimes higher) from. I got them from an EBay (top-rated seller) for about £23.00 (postage free) and they seem to work ok on my wiring.

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Re: Help with getting new channels please!

I think this thread demonstrates quite well why BT don't want the hassle of supporting powerline adapters! They have no control over the state of customers electric cabling. Hence the insistance on use of an ethernet cable which is fairly certain of guaranteeing 100Mbps throughput anywhere in an average house.


That said powerline adapters can be made to work in a lot of cases, just that you need Powerline 200 or 500 AV devices with a proven throughput of 30-40Mbps or so to give you the required overhead for UDP Multicast to work.

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