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Re: Huge sync issue

As I've stated I think that BT needs to remove the online player and sort it out, they must have done some work on it as yesterday the stream quality was a lot better than it was when I last tried it but alas still more is needed.
I don't really want BT turning into another Sky who's mantra is "Sky are always right and the customer does not know what he's on about", BT has the chance to go down a different route by listening to their customers wants and needs which they can do over this web player problem. OK they may not be happy in customers saying this or what may be said on tech sites et al. IMHO the moment BT say they are pulling the app for a short time to make improvements for a better viewing experience for our customers as we are not happy with it at present will gain BT  many brownies points  and yes you will get some shouting and moaning that it's wrong et al.
At this moment in time BT has an advantage over sky with their app support on android devices and ios devices in that Sky's Sky Go does not support android 10" tabs and their ios app does not freeze all the time with a lot of bugs that has been in the app since it's release but come the end of this month Sky say they will release a sky go app for 10" android tabs and if it's any good (not holding my breath lol) then that could add pressure on BT to sort the web player out..
Other customers have reported that yesterdays problem was only on the web player from BT and that in other ways the stream was perfect, well I'm 1 who can also say that as I checked the stream out else where on my lappy and it was perfect.

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