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IE with active scripting off, how many clicks!

Watching on IE seems to take an unbelievable number of clicks to get watching started. What should be the link held in my favorites? I have the password saved and remember me etc chosen. I want to have active scripting off for my Internet zone and just want to add all BT and associate domains to the trusted list. I believe I have done this but it seems I have to: 1) change settings to allow active scripting for Internet. 2) 3) login 4) loads of clicks before watch actually starts the viewing 5) turn active scripting back off before any other browsing How many times do I have to click Watch before BT accepts I want to watch it. Viewing actually works OK for me 20MB wifi, 50MB wired. I know there are other options such as FireFox, but should it really be this hard on IE?
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