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If you have BT Youview, but no infinity, WHAT NEXT!!!

Can someone clarify, if you have BT Youview box, no infinity, only normal broadband, what next once you have registered your interest?????

Are we to wait for an email?? A phone call???   Are we swapping the box???  What??


End of Rant.



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Re: If you have BT Youview, but no infinity, WHAT NEXT!!!

Well i have just ordered Bt broadband with a youview box and after many conversations with different answers and conficting websites.

I was told that i can still get sports on my TV with the youview box (the tech is not there yet but will be by launch date) i was told.

But i am now reading on the sites that this is only available on the bt vision box, if this is correct then i should have been told all this at sign up and would then have said i will have the vision box. All this talk about tech not there yet is ridiculous, they put a man on the moon over 40 years ago and surely if you can do it with one box through the aerial you can do it with the youview also.

It would be nice for someone from BT to give clarification in black and white as to whom and what equipment you need. It is looking more and more like i have been miss sold, lets wait and see but think come the summer will be contacting ofcom.

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Re: If you have BT Youview, but no infinity, WHAT NEXT!!!

It could be the next groth industry for spam phone calls now that PPI has slowed down they need another misselling company to sue.

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Re: If you have BT Youview, but no infinity, WHAT NEXT!!!

This is why I have stayed away from BT for a long time but with them putting on this new sports channel, now's the time to give them a go, despite all the people saying how awful the customer services are.

I have been asking a simple question of which a member of staff should be able to answer and as it is a new product then they should all be clued up on it.

I have spoken to five people including two on live chat with three different answers. The last of which I was happy with as she actually went off to get confirmation and was gone a good ten minutes. But am now not sure if what she said was correct as my above post said.

Not asking the world here.

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Re: If you have BT Youview, but no infinity, WHAT NEXT!!!

I signed up about a week before the BT sports was announced and recieved the youview box 1 day before it was announced on the 09th? May.


I did alot of researching and realised that I wouldnt be able to view BT sport through my TV with a Youview box.


I rang them up and they switched sent me a BT Vision box and I sent my youview box back to them.

You need to get through to the right person, forget the (indian) call center, you need to talk to someone from the tech department and make that clear. They will then sort it out for you.


Wether the BT vision will be available on youview box without infinity by launch I havent a clue but I wanted to make sure I would be able to watch it...and the only deffo way (not in an infinity area) is to have the BT vision box.


The only downside between boxes that ive noticed is the 7 day rewind on the tv guide and no HD freeview channels...which I can live with.


Good luck.