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Live coverage of MotoGP qualifying cut off!

I realise that there were three other live events being covered including the unusual coverage of a 3pm Premier League match but surely you could have held off switching to the Sport Score programme for five more minutes?  Any live sport coverage beats anything else on a sports channel every time.  😒

Not all of us are able to watch live and record the coverage to watch later.  The Sports Score programme is more likely to be watched live and *that* is the one that could have been mirrored on one of the Extra channels for the duration of the clash causing least disruption to most people.  Even people watching on the Sky platform could surely wait five minutes during the first five minutes of any football games they are interested in.

Of course if you put all the sessions on catch up and not just the races this would be a non-problem.  This is a consideration that may at some point push me along with other factors (eg loss of Eurosport) to ditch BT Sport and subscribe to the Dorna MotoGP video service instead.

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