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Living on a boat

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We live on a boat so no phone line & have Air broadband due to the poor signal, we really miss bt sport & pause/record tv, how could we get bt sport would a bt tv box be the answer & what would be the costs envolved any suggestions grateful
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Re: Living on a boat

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What is 'Air broadband' ?, presumably some sort of niche 'wireless' provider.
If you want BTTV you need BT Broadband ,and to have BT broadband you need a 'line' of some sort, be it a copper pair or an optical fibre , and if there is no way of getting a 'line' to your boat, then it's probably the case that you cannot have BTTV ( out of curiosity does your boat have a recognised Royal Mail postal address ?, a pre requisite before even trying to get landline type of service from anyone).
If it's BT Sport rather than BTTV you want, AFAIK, you get online access to BT Sport , via an APP or browser , if you have a BT Mobile account, but obviously no record functions etc, and would have to access it over your current poor broadband signal.

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