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Multiple accounts confusion (new tv/bb, mobile sim, expired ee) and no BT sport on app (ID006)

I could have put this on one of the ID006 error posts, but I think mine is a little more complex (sorry for loooong post)

I recently ordered BT TV and BB which won't be installed for another 10 days or so. I also ordered (separately) a BT SIM card which I've been using for a week or so no problems.

Both deals come with BT sport. I already had BT sport mobile through EE; the new BT SIM has replaced that.

When I log into there are 2 BT ids in the pull down in the top right of the screen. The first/default may be the EE one (which should be expired now). The second is definitely the ID I was given with the mobile SIM. I can switch to the latter, but when I click the mobile tab I get 'account error'. I only have an order number for the TV, but it says I should be able to use BT sports on app or web (for the record, I can't get web working either).

BT sport on the app using EE worked just fine. I've gone in and changed/updated the username/password for BT but I just get the ID006 error.

I don't know if the confusion relates to getting tv/BB and mobile sim separately, or because TV is still not activated, or because I already had BT sport through EE, but it's messed up!

FWIW I got sky sports through the BT TV deal, and I've had no trouble accessing and using it via NOW TV.

Luckily I have BT sport through Virgin until the BT TV replaces it, so looking to address the accounts muddle as much as the bt sport on app problem.

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Re: Multiple accounts confusion (new tv/bb, mobile sim, expired ee) and no BT sport on app (ID006)

Hi @shapeshifter, the BT ID is probably still associated with the EE account. I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can get in touch the moderation team and we'll be happy to help. 

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