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My Vision+ box unable to receive the Bt sport channels due to location

After being talked into buying the vision plus box and a tv package "do you like sport sir?" I have now been told by an engineer that due to the location I live (not at all rural) I get the reception from a 'relay' transmitter other than a main transmitter therefore unable to pick up all of the freeview channels ITV4, Film4 etc. to my extreme disappointment I can also not pick up any of the new sport channels. Does anyone have this problem?

I feel a bit mis led into buying the box (£50) and signing into a tv contract as I purely got it to watch the sport channels. So now it seems the only way I can watch it is on the laptop.....great, not.

All of the advertising, the emails they send and I can't watch it on my tele. I get 10mbs Internet but don't believe they stream it like they can do with a my view box. Anyone spread any light on the issue. Cheers
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Re: My Vision+ box unable to receive the Bt sport channels due to location

It is very unfortunate if you are in a location where you can't get the TV aerial versions, can't get the Infinity multicast versions, and can't get the ADSL multicast versions. The other option you could try is to set up a Freesat from Sky box/card and order them on that. 


See this post from yesterday by someone else with the TV reception issue.

The 80 main transmitters cover most of the UK and BT can't force their commercial channels to be put on the additional relay transmitters that don't transmit the full set of multiplexes.

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Re: My Vision+ box unable to receive the Bt sport channels due to location

Salcombe - lovely place to live but unfortunately you are 'in the sticks' when it comes to technology. None of the relay transmitters in your area will transmit the commercial multiplex that carries BT Sport, and because of Geography you can't pick up the main transmitters at Beacon or Caradon Hill.


If you were living in Cornwall you might have been lucky enough to have Infinity by now, but I have no idea when it's likely to reach small towns in Devon.


So yes, your only options are to watch via the webstream, or else get a Freesat from Sky box & dish installed.


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