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Please can a MOD confirm the following regarding BT Sports on BT Youview

I called BT yesterday regarding the BT Sports package - when queried regarding my retail box I was told I couldn't have it on that as you don't support multi-room, but I could have it on my BT Youview box, but I would have to re-contract for 12 months. Now the thing was this original chap then said he needed to check what services I could get, which was odd, because he would know from what info I gave him what packages I already had with BT. He offered to do this, but I refused stating that if BT Youview user then I shouldn't need to re-contract  as it will appear automatically.


I then looked around the net and posted on here about this and finally rang BT back to confirm some further information. This time the guy said because I have BT Youview I don't need to re-contract as it will appear automatically on my BT Youview box.


I also queried that if you have to have 12 months on your contract remaining then if I re-contracted now (if it let me) then surely I would have to recontract again on 31/07/13 to have 12 months remaining, I was advised this was not the case.


So can a mod please confirm for all users, that if they have BT Youview they will automatically receive these channels and there is no need to re-contract.


Or if we have to re-contract and we do it now, must we then re-contract at the end of July to ensure we have 12 months service to have the BT Sports.


i did find this under the FAQ for 'When will BT Sport be available on Youview'


BT Sport will be available on YouView this summer. YouView customers who have BT Infinity by 1 August will receive a software upgrade and automatically receive BT Sport this summer. To qualify for this, you need to have bought your YouView box directly from BT.


This would suggest that you don't need to re-contract


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Re: Please can a MOD confirm the following regarding BT Sports on BT Youview

I do hope this gets sorted as I have the same confusion at present. My Contract has about 5 months left on it at present and I was sort of hoping that I wouldn't need to recontract just yet. Was hoping to be able to negotiate a better price when the current contract ends.

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Re: Please can a MOD confirm the following regarding BT Sports on BT Youview

This is ridiculous. The amount of confusion about who will get it with only a few weeks to go is unreal, especially given the amount of hype surrounding the product.

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