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Recording BT Sport

So, up till June this year, I loved BT Sport.


It came with a PVR and enough broadband to satisfy my and the family's needs. There was loads of rugby broadcast over Freeview that I could record on my shiny new PVR


Then the French Top14 rugby matches stopped and, despite highly visible sponsorship, none of the Pro 12 matches ever appeared.


Still, there was enough rugby matches from the Aviva that I could record on my BT Box and watch at more convenient times


Then they stopped BT Sport 2 and sent me chromecast thing (pretty useless as I already have a smart TV), but I thought some of the better matches would still be on BT Sport 1 for me to record.


Now they have stopped BT Sport 1 as well.


So now, if I want to see any rugby, I have to use my mobile or computer to cast the screen to the TV. This is a PITA but quality is fine, however, I now cannot record on the BT Box PVR. And with a family, frankly, getting the chance to sit down and watch a match live is never going to happen.


I was told by the helpline that it would be OK if I used Infinity. Fine, I said, where do I sign up. Aah, they said, there isn't Infinity in your area. (and there is not a cat's chance that my village will be upgraded any time soon)


So if you live in a city with nice shiny new high speed exchanges all will be rosy for you in the world of BT Sport, however, if you live in the coutryside with coal-powered broadband, BT say, tough.



Anyway, my question is, is there anyway to record BT Sport without Infinity, without Freeview?







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Re: Recording BT Sport

No, because they have specifically designed the system so you can't.  That's why you need the special app on a mobile device or Silverlight on a PC.


Edit:  BT Sport is now available to many people on ADSL via BT TV.  However, (a) your exchange must support multicast - most do, but some still don't,  and (b) your line speed must be fast enough - around 6Mbps.

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Re: Recording BT Sport

@fiefster wrote:


Anyway, my question is, is there anyway to record BT Sport without Infinity, without Freeview?







Is your existing box a BT YouView box or a BT Vision box?


I don't know about the latter but they now seem to offer BT Sport (but not the HD versions) via standard broadband with a YouView box with recording capability - as other poster says subject to line speed and muticast capability.

They are updating the website just now so I can't post a link but it was definitely available.




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Re: Recording BT Sport

I feel your pain Mike.

The majority of content I have viewed on BT Sport over the past two years has been recorded first, watching live is not always possible.

I don't have infinity, multicast, or a fast enough line speed to get BT Sport on TV via the Youview box, so now I have to rely on the app and Chromecast (or SmartTV screen mirroring)

I just hope there will be PLENTY of content, such as extensive highlights packages, available On Demand, otherwise I'll be missing out on a lot of what I want to see.
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Re: Recording BT Sport

Interesting, someone on the forum has edited my last line of my original post and removed the bit where I said, "and without BT giving a **Edited**".


Several online chats and calls to helplines have explained that, like JohnSound, my setup means I can't use the BTVision box to record BT programs, more irony.

Think I will go back to my Humax PVR.

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