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Re: So...... now that sports are being cancelled .....

@garybs29  Seriously, Gary, I think it is crass and immoral to use those dying people to make your pompous, pretentious and supercilious point.  I don't keep buying beer, because I can't go to the pub, or pay my train fares (because can't get to work).  BT could have made a better job of this by putting a notice on the website re what should happen,  as everyone else seems to have done.   The question was a perfectly reasonable one, and I would have expected a more helpful one on the Community Board to answer the question, not to insult someone.  

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Re: So...... now that sports are being cancelled .....

There is an option to get 1 month free BT Sport for both in contract and out of contract customers. 

Existing BT TV customers with BT Sport can recontract their TB to one of the new flexible packages without BT Sport and add BT Sport at a later date (when everything goes back to normal) 

Any BT Agent should be able to help you get the 1 month free package at least for the time being.