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Sport billing

Hi, I've cancelled my sport contract (well I think I have after calling twice now to request it) and it is due to end 31st May. My future bill for mid June shows no changes and sport is still showing, is this right or has it not been auctioned again maybe?  Just trying to figure out if I need to call yet again....

Thanks all

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Re: Sport billing

When any product is cancelled, the system will send confirmation by email or letter (depending on the customers preference), have you received this ?
You can also login at and view recent orders, removing any product creates an order.

The billing side of things will not factor in any pending ceases, if your cease date is the 15th of the month for example and your billing cycle runs on the 14th, you will be advance billed another month for any product active at that time, once the cease completes the next billing cycle will issue a refund automatically.

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Re: Sport billing

I specifically asked about getting an email ( as this was the second time of asking to cancel), chap said I would NOT get an email, apart from maybe a notification telling me it had stopped on the 31st.

On same call I switched mob deal and did get an email about that, although still got a mail last week telling me my original contract for that was about to expire and did i want a new deal...all a bit odd.

It would be mid billing cycle, and thanks to you I can see an entry under orders that said I placed an order for Sport on the day I called, which is open, so fingers crossed it will go through correctly after all!

Thanks for your help.

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