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To the Moderators: I suggest that you create a 'sticky' about BT 's new attitude to Sport increases.

Good morning, Moderators. The change in BT's approach to dealing with complaints about the increase in subscriptions to BT Sports is amazing.

After I received the initial email, I created a thread here and then phoned the help line 0800 800 030.        I didn't get any help - I was very unhappy at what they said.                                                                                       

It's clear from the number of complaints in the Community from other customers, that many BT Customers are unhappy and want to leave BT. 

So I phoned them again yesterday and the change was remarkable. I start a much better contract today with more benefits, I still have BT Sport and better speeds.                                                                                       And the increase in my monthly subscriptions? 32p !!                                                                                                   

So I created the thread shown below to share the good news.

However, given the importance of the change in how BT is now dealing with the problem, and the (deserved) bad press publicity they received from their initial approach, may I suggest that Moderators create a 'sticky'. It will then give this much better publicity for users to see when they come here to complain. And hopefully will improve the retention rate of existing customers.

BT is currently under attack by Sky and others, who are under-cutting them.

Thank you.

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Re: To the Moderators: I suggest that you create a 'sticky' about BT 's new attitude to Sport increa

That's the number I've always used each time I come near to ending a contract.

I have to say though I find Sky much easier to deal with than BT. Everything just seems so much clearer and straightforward with them. That said, I've had very little trouble with BT, it's just I find their systems are a mess and information can be very difficult to come by. 

As for BT coming under attack from Sky etc, it's a cutthroat world out there, and BT seem to be easy pickings just now. Their recent capitulation with their tv service in basically becoming a Sky reseller has shown how easy a picking they have become for Sky.

I see big changes ahead as they struggle to keep up 😞

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