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UFC 236 Issue


This morning when going to BT player and choosing Sport, then UFC, then I went and clicked on UFC 236 that there’s 3 episodes for Countdown / Prelims / Main it won’t let me watch Prelims & Main.

This morning it showed “subscribe” for Prelims & Main coming up with a code BTP-331 (which doesn’t show a code on the BT site for this) .

After leaving it until lunchtime I can now watch Prelims with no “subscribe” on the episode but Main still shows “subscribe”.

I rung BT who said you have access to the channels but was unsure what channel the event was on (I said ESPN) which I said I have but still won’t let me watch it.

I’m just at a loss why it won’t allow me to watch it?

Any ideas ?

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Re: UFC 236 Issue

Are you watching on a Youview box  using BT Player or using the BT TV app ?

or are you using the BT sport App ?

If I look at the BT TV I only see currently 2 titles  PRelims and Countdown under UFC 236, ie the bouts on main card not appearing as available on catch-up at this time c1pm .

However the BT Sport app does have Full fight replays

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Re: UFC 236 Issue

Hi Zulu17,

I’m watching it on Youview box using BT player .

Argh right so I can watch if I register a device on the App.

I can see the main event and click on it via BT player on Youview but just comes up with the BTP-331 error.

Seems odd this morning at 07:00 the Prelims was same showing “subscribe”

I’ve never had to subscribe to this before.

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Re: UFC 236 Issue

I can only speculate.

do you have the HD BT sport channels in your  BT TV subscription or just the SD .

Possibly the PRelims  catch-up content relevent to your subscription hadn’t been fully loaded to the relevent servers when you  tried first to access it and had when you accessed later.

The fact that you see or saw 3 catch-up programmes and I only see currently two suggests that something hasn’t completed as it should.

So as it stands the main bout contents appear not yet to be available on the BT TV Player .

I will alert mods to this thread.

Generally if you get pecularities that you had in the morning when using the Youbox a soft reset  could resolve

  • soft reset/reboot: touch/press the power/standby button on the front/top of the box for about 8 seconds until it starts a reboot.

i suspect that would not have resolved you accessing the catch up on this occasion though.




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Re: UFC 236 Issue

Not just catch up where theres issues, watching my recording it keeps freezing & jumping. A quick search reveals it's not just me having the issue so looks like there is problems with this one
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Re: UFC 236 Issue

Also having issues with the BT sport app on Android with this; the event itself (as opposed to the prelims/individual fight replays) is not showing, and prelims wise there was regular stuttering/outright skipping of the footage. Odd though because when watching individual fight replays this problem did not occur
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