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UFC on demand


I am getting really frustrated with the BT Sport app when it comes to UFC on demand. I used to be able to record events but have switched my TV provider so have to watch UFC on Apple tv. 

There have been 3 events since I switched and I've struggled to avoid spoilers for all 3 events! Even when I'm checking the "spoiler free" site I always seem to stumble on some poorly placed thumbnail with a title like "so and so calls out so and so" indicating they won the fight, or it will be a picture of their post fight interview.

Is there any way of setting up an alert so that I know when the event is watchable? It's really frustrating to have these fights ruined. I really don't think there's any need to have these videos on the homepage in the first place, but if they do insist on having them there then it makes finding the actual event, spoiler free on the apple tv app almost impossible!


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