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Ultra hd

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Hi,just got my new LG Oled tv and upgraded my broadband to watch football in uhd,how do I know if I am receiving it ? as the picture doesn’t seem any different to hd,should I change a setting on youview box? Thanks in advance. Sue

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Re: Ultra hd

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Hi @sueandlles,

Take a look at the following guide: Setting up and using BT Ultra HD.

It should help you.



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Re: Ultra hd

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It's subjective, not least because the benefits of UHD depend on screen size, viewing distance and, probably most important, individual eyesight. The chart here is a bit complicated but worth a look. It shows that people with 20/20 vision need to be less than 10 feet from the screen to get the full benefits no matter how big the screen. If it's less than 50 inches their eyes need to be 3 feet or less from the screen; the only people I know who conform to that are my grandkids. If the screen is a sensible <40" (some of us still prefer that) forget it.

Standing in John Lewis (other stores are available) next to a 55" screen showing a UHD travelogue of Italy is truly amazing. Put it on a normal-size telly at normal viewing distance in a normal room and it would be, er, normal.

There's always more to hype than meets the eye. 

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