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Watching BT Sport on new generation Amazon Fire Stick

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I am a BT Sport / Broadband subscriber, able to watch via the main TV (Sky box) and on my laptop via a web browser.

However, I would like the option of watching on a different TV set, and so was trying to watch using an Amazon Fire Stick.

I found a BT TV app on Amazon's app store, tried to log in, but it didn't recognise my BT ID which logs me in everywhere else.  I have followed troubleshooting, and made sure I am set as "account holder" not "account manager" as recommended ... still no joy.

Am I doing something wrong? 

Even if I do eventually log in, will I be able to stream BT Sport on the Fire Stick through this app? 

If not, is there any way for an account holder to stream BT Sport on the Amazon Fire Stick?


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Re: Watching BT Sport on new generation Amazon Fire Stick

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Hi @Gareth78 

you don,t mention any subscription to BT TV (ie the service on Youview boxes)

Unless you subscribe to BT TV then the BT TV app will not recognise you as a current subscriber and will  have no  BT TV account to link to.

so in your case you can access BT Sport app on various devices because you have a BT Sport subscription  but you cannot access BT TV app  as you don’t have a BT TV subscription .

Different apps.