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Weird noise casting BT Sport app.

Evening all,

I have BT Sport via my EE mobile contract. I cast it to my tv with Google Chromecast. It makes this really weird and annoying static/interference type noise on the adverts. There's no pattern to it. Some adverts it's more, some not at all. When the actual program is on, like football, the sound is perfect.

Any thoughts on what it is and more importantly, how to fix.

Many thanks.

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Distinguished Guru
Distinguished Guru
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Re: Weird noise casting BT Sport app.

I had this also the other day but it seems OK tonight. Oops, spoke too soon - it's back! There must be something about casting adverts; Sky Sports via Now TV regularly drops out during the breaks, which is even more annoying.

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Re: Weird noise casting BT Sport app.

Yep, I have the same thing. First advert that comes on I get a short burst of static noise, this is then repeated every 15-20seconds. After reboot and during sport the sound is fine. Please fix this guys.


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Re: Weird noise casting BT Sport app.

I have the same issue, can’t seem to find anything to suggest what is causing it. Only ever appears during ad breaks
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BT Sport Expert
BT Sport Expert
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Re: Weird noise casting BT Sport app.

FYI this sounds like the same issue as posted here - check out that thread for progress.

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