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Youview and BT Sport don't mix.

I was quite excited when I thought I could get the new BT sport channels free!


But it seems my excitement was premature.


Bearing in mind that what I want is to watch it on TV - not on a computer or phone - I have a problem.


6 months ago I upgraded to youview because I wanted HD and to be able to record HD, which I could not with my previous BT vision box.


I now find I cannot watch BT Sport via youview (at least not unless I get BT Infinity, which I would love to do but it will not be available where I live for the foreseeable future!!!).


So my only options are either to throw out my new yourview box and revert to my non HD bt vision box, or to get sky!


BT have clearly - at least from my perpective - got this wrong as they have given me an incentive to get sky - which presumably is exactly the opposite of what they thought they were doing.


Sorry to whinge on my first post - if I have this wrong I'd be delighted!

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Re: Youview and BT Sport don't mix.

BT Sport should be available on YouView in a few months time.
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Re: Youview and BT Sport don't mix.

@drhowells wrote:
BT Sport should be available on YouView in a few months time.

I suspect that the OP is aware that BT Sport will be available on Youview via Infinity multicast come Aug 1st, but as he said, Infinity is not coming his way any time soon. The Youview box has no card slot, so BT Sport via DTT is obviously not an option.


The only possibility for the OP is if BT are planning on making BT Sport channels available on Youview via ADSL2+ in the future. We know they have set this up for the delivery of Sky Sports 1&2 to some existing customers with Vision+ boxes, but I'm not aware of any other announcements regarding that method of delivering live channels. 

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