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problem with registered devices

My saga on getting access to watch BTTV on my shiny new desktop pc continues ( error codes WP025 and sometimes WJ900) .

I managed to get through to support in Newcastle on phone  which was pretty good given the current Coronavirus issues. Unable to resolve on phone but logged with the tech guys with caveat may be 72hours or so to respond. Got an e mail today with several tips to try and I have been working through these .However when I try to  log in now it gives me error code WP933 which says I have exceeded limit of devices and will have to wait 30 days.

I have only 3 devices- my iPhone, my old HP Desktop with windows 7  & and my new Dell with windows 10 which i got on 25 March. Until yesterday this is what was showing in the Device managment box in settings . 

Now it shows all 4 boxes full- iphone, Elaine Home Desktop, New Dell Home Desktop and registered today Desktop Player. I assume as it is saying I have exceeded number of devices it thinks I am on yet another desktop.


A previous post on here suggested they got a quick fix re similar device issues so I am hoping someone will be able to assist with what I suspect is a simple issue to resolve to avoid clogging up the BT lines.



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