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BT Sport HD subscription



I'm a BT Infinity customer and I was just wondering how the HD channels works.  Everyone says it's free for a year but when you get to the Additional viewing options it says the HD channel is £3 a month. 


Do you just not include it and you get the channel anyway? Or do you include it and they just don't charge you?  Or it just isn't free at all?





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Re: BT Sport HD subscription

The HD was free fir a year if you signed up to BT Sports before 1st August 2013.
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Re: BT Sport HD subscription

As Stew says, it was free if you preordered it before launch.  Now it isn't.  If you are willing to sign up for a new contract, they may still give it to you free, but you'd have to phone and see how generous they are feeling.

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Re: BT Sport HD subscription

I ordered the SD version just to make sure I got that incase they were planning on cutting that off anytime soon.  I called them and spoke to some guy who didn't really understand what I was saying and was trying to sign me up to what I already had.


It's really annoying because I'd just moved house and had loads of things to so had no idea the HD offer ran out.  Why would they do this?  Can understand cutting off the free channels completely but why stop HD to loyal BT infinity customers?