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Cancelling BT Sport Order

Thinking I'm paying far too much to BT for phone, broadband and TV, I was examining my bills and account status on this afternoon when I apparently (and inadvertently) ordered this new BT Sport service when it starts on 1 August, but....


That also means I committed to a new twelve-month contract and froze my current payment deal (which is distinctly uncompetitive at £53.60 per month) for another year.


For some undefined reason, there is no way of cancelling this order, even though service will not commence for another week or so.


BT cynicism at its worst because it locks me into an unfavourable deal and I should imagine the same applies to others, whether they're existing or new customers of BT.


I'm still waiting for the promised confirmation email of my "order".


I need to check whether there should be a cooling down period per distance selling legislation, but if BT are in the right then my choice is to cancel my direct debit immediately and await the inevitable consequences or wait twelve months and pay over the odds before I can cancel.


Has anybody any experience of trying to cancel an order for BT Sport? Can it really not be done?

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Re: Cancelling BT Sport Order

bt sports is free if you are a bt broadband customer and have 12 months left on your contract.  when you requested bt sports and it was added you agreed to renew your contract for 12 months.  there is no cooling off when contact renewed and even a new contract has no cooling off period after activation.  cancelling btsports won't reduce your monthly cost - it's free

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Posts: 2
Registered: ‎23-07-2013

Re: Cancelling BT Sport Order

When I apparently "ordered" BT Sport is was via without any notice (that I could see) of a need to commit to a new twelve-month contract.


I'm not a complete numpty when it comes to conducting online transactions and what I did was to hit a link that said "Enter PIN" under the BT Sport section of the My Extras pages. There was an "Enter PIN" button under the BT Cloud option also but now it says "Find Out more" under BT Sport and "Get Started" under BT Cloud. As I hadn't received any PIN notification from BT I thought it pretty safe to see what would come up if I hit that button.


IMO, free services are generally worth every penny and I would NOT have signed up for BT Sport had it been made clear that to do so would entail a contract renewal - especially at a time when I needed the flexibility to shop around.


And, it's simply not fair to not be allowed to cancel an "order" for a service that hasn't even launched yet.


So, this is what I did:


I ordered similar services for less than half the price from the very helpful people at Talk Talk.


BT have subsequently told me that the information I received about a new twelve month contract was WRONG.

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Re: Cancelling BT Sport Order

Then why are they decieving people but informing them that they will recieve sports channels (Kelly Communications Engineer installing Infinity on behalf of BT in Scotland and several BT Staff and indeed they can't)