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I am an INFINITY customer subscribed months ago for  FREE BT Sports HD on my SKY box and it works perfectly.


I decided last month to cancel SKY and go to BT Vision, which is now installed.


BT SPORTS is fine ( NO ESPN or ESPN HD ) but it says I have to subscribe on BT SPORTS1 /2 HD  ... So I'm in the crazy situation I have to watch HD BT SPORTS on SKY... Not sure what will happen when my SKY contact expires in a few days time.


Shoulld HD have been provided FREE on BT Vision Box ???? 


I can also watch ESPN and ESPN HD on SKY but not on BT Vision.


Because I pay for SKY Sport1 and 2 on BT Vision ,I guess the ludicous situation will shortly arise where :-


i) I watch BT Sports HD 1 and 2 and ESPN through my SKY Box


ii) I watch SKY Sports 1 and 2 through my BT Vision Box



I sometimes wonder if this is called progress.

Posts: 79
Registered: ‎02-05-2010


Just spoke to BT support in Warrington and they advise me I can only be registered for BT Sport on EITHER BT Vision OR SKY and not BOTH. So my SKY access will be removed.


Doesn't really explain why I was able to watch BT Sports 1 and 2 this weekend and only when I powered my Vision Box on and OFF did I loose these services. I can only assume powering on and off has reloaded my service options .

In settings my ENTITLEMENT INFO only states Sky Sports 1 /2 and PSB HD (whatever that is) .

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PSB HD are the public service HD channels: BBC, ITV, C4.