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3 way 1080p hdmi splitter no signal

hi all, just got a 3 way splitter and tried it good , it works on the dvd and plays hdmi perfect but when i flick the switch for the btvision port to the output hdmi lead to the tv just get the no signal message . if i put hdmi lead direct into back of btvision + black box it works ok , its when the splitter is introduced that it fails. tried bt technical got a girl in indea or somewhere going on about a new box being issued in march to allexisting customers and to set my ratio to 720 ffs , i bought 1080p samsung led for that reason not to watch in 720 are the splitters not compatable or what with this box?? any ideas anyone?/

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Re: 3 way 1080p hdmi splitter no signal

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First thing would be to swap the devices you have connected in case it's a duff port on the splitter. HDMI isn't a straightforward connection, the sending device chats to the receiver to identify that it's a legitimate display and swap encryption keys. This handshake is called HDCP. The aim is to prevent the signal being intercepted and copied. If the switch isn't HDCP compatible then you may find some devices will refuse to talk to it.


As for 1080/720. If you have an HDCP problem, neither are going to work but I'd be surprised if you can tell much of a difference between an upscaled 720 and an upscaled 1080.

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Re: 3 way 1080p hdmi splitter no signal

I used my surround sound amp as an hdmi switcher to a tv a Couple of years ago and this did not work with the Bt vision box, yet all other devices were fine. I am sure I got a message on screen saying something about hdcp compatibility( as previous post mentions) . I got the sound I think but no picture.

The solution was that I bought a five pound three way switcher from eBay and this worked OK. I have no idea why though.

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Re: 3 way 1080p hdmi splitter no signal

 I have a fourway HDMI switch and it works well with the Black BT box. Try using other ouput ports on the switch and also swap the HDMI cables to eliminate them. If the settings work OK when connected directly to the TV then connecting via a switch should be OK with the same settings if not then its likely to be an incompatible switch as others have mentioned above.

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Re: 3 way 1080p hdmi splitter no signal

Have you tried switching the BTV box off/on whilst the switch it in the correct possition? This may re-negotiate the DHCP handshake.

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Re: 3 way 1080p hdmi splitter no signal

You should power down all devices before connecting/disconnecting these devices as they may hold some residual power and not handshake correctly.