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Act now - Premier League Footie starts today!

Hi Everyone


As I'm sure you know, the Premier League Football season kicks off today.  We want to remind you to make sure you have activated your Sports Viewing Card so you are ready to watch the action.


If you have not already done so you must activate your card NOW to get ready for the big games.


How do I activate my card?

Insert your card into the Set Top Box, tune into the Sports Channel, 34 ESPN, 41 Sky Sports 1 or 42 Sky Sports 2.


This can take up to an hour and you will see a message on the screen which says, “this can take up to an hour for activation” or you may see the message change to “Insert your viewing card”. Both these messages are fine - this is not a fault, just an indication that you need to wait up to an hour whilst your card is activated. Just stay tuned to the channel and wait for the viewing to start.


Now you are ready to watch the big games this weekend!!


Help with activating your viewing card: has further info on activating your viewing card
Watch our video for How to activate your viewing card




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Re: Act now - Premier League Footie starts today!

Act now! - help your customers who have problems other than just Sky Sports - or lose them.

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Re: Act now - Premier League Footie starts today!

Hear Hear.


See my thread on 'Sky Sports Fine but no ESPN'!!



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Re: Act now - Premier League Footie starts today!

Got back from hols earlier than planned on Sunday so - very reluctanty - decided to go against my principles and called BT to purchase Sky Sports 1 only (my team not being scheduled for Sky Sports 2 in the near future). It was a little after 3pm so thought it would still be in plenty of time for Liverpool v the mighty gooners. Oh, no. I was told it would take up to 24 hours to activate.....!


At that point I agreed to abandon the unloading of the car and depart for the local Working Man's Club. Big screen, HD, atmosphere, playground for the kids at half time.....draught beer! Thanks to BT I saved myself £11.99.....(less the price of a pint and a couple of cokesSmiley Happy)!