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Registered: ‎11-10-2012

BT Vision box keeps turning off

My BT VIsion Box keeps turning itself off, then restarts again this happens at least 3 times a day. This is a replacement as the other one done the same thing.  Anyone else having this issue

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Re: BT Vision box keeps turning off

Its a known problem and will hopefully be sorted in the next software update.

Im only passing on info Ive read from members of this forum.



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Re: BT Vision box keeps turning off

Stability is an issue bt are aware of and are working to fix. There are a few others including failure of recordings due to the channel line-up from freeview changing. Non of which indicate a faulty vision box. 


Hopefully all will be fixed soon.  (or at least until freeview changes again)

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Re: BT Vision box keeps turning off

BT might be working on a affix, but hey haven't found one yet.  This had better be sorted soon.  Literally every 5 minutes the box resets itself.  I've got a replacement coming on the weekend... Lets hope that one doesn't have the same problems.  


It's this a case of releasing a product before its ready?  Just imagine if a drugs company did that....  Or a toy manufacturer....  BT are bidding on running Corwalls council services at the moment... If any of the council lets were BT customers I'm sure they would vote NO!!!