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BT Vision remote reset

How do I reset the remote so when I turn on the Vision box it doesn't turn off the TV? Thanks.

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Re: BT Vision remote reset

Do you see the bottom button on the left hand side MODE.

Press it once and you will see the BT Vision button at the top turn blue.

If it flashes once it is in TV control mode.

If it flashes several times it is BT Vision control mode.

Just press it till it flashes in to  the mode you want.

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Re: BT Vision remote reset

To set the remote up to work with your television check this link out Here It explains how to programme the handset

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Re: BT Vision remote reset

On the black remote you have to hold down the mode and the off together on mine for it to switch off the TV

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Re: BT Vision remote reset

Thankyou - using the first two replies I got there.