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What I am wanting to do is cancell my BT vision TV package i signed up for (extra to my phone and broadband).  I know i can possibly stop it but like it says on the website I may incur a charge for early cancellation and possibly charge for equipment.


Firstly they can have the equipment back (BT Vision Box) because it is no use to anyone than maybe used as a door stop.  The **bleep** thing never works, freezes, locks up, restarts whenever it feels like it, doesnt record what i set it to record, only shows catchup programmes when it feels like it so its pretty much pointless as a catchup device.  BT told me they have no control on what the TV channels send to them on catchup!  Funny that becasue since launch of the Youview box which I now have I have not had one bit of problem with it, especially the catchup service.  Everything is there ready to watch when i want to.  Strangely BT are in with this company too, and you can even connect to BT vision through this box.  How can they provide such a good service to this company yet give an appaling service to its own customers with its own equipment!.


The YouView box is just great, does exactly what it says ( I previously owned a Humax DVR before the BT Vision Box with no problems, i just wanted catchup so went for the Vision Box).


Now as far as cancelling I know I am not keeping my side of the contract, which I admit to, but I dont think I should be charged for cancelling the TV package as BT has not kept to their side of the contract in providing me with a box that works, lets me record tv and watch catchup programmes as stated in their paperwork, magazine advertising, tv adverts, i.e. "watch what you want when you want".


This statement is far from the truth!.  The service is not what i signed up for or agreed to.


Has anybody else got any history in cancelling with BT?


Sorry for rambling on, it just annoys me how such a big company can get it so wrong and then treat their customers in such an appaling way.  As for contacting them, thats a joke, speak to someone in India online who knows nothing or if you do get to speak to anyone, once again its in India and they give a British name like John Smith and they clearly are not called that, and all you get is the basics, unplug it, thern turn it back on rubbish!!!


If only i still lived in a cable area, I would be with Virgin like a shot, 10 years with them with no probelms at all, never ever had to phone them, and service is 1st class.  Unfortunately circumstances change and had to move to a non cabled area so back to stone age BT!


I have had nothing but trouble with this box, the service is embarrisngly attrocious!

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Did you report the problems with the box to BT and give them a chance to correct or replace it? It is possible to cancel without penalty if the service is not up to scratch, but I can't see it happening if you let it go because you found something else which you preferred.

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Yes i have complained and complained and complained, when they say they will ring back they dont, when they say they will send an engineer they dont turn up.  Jsut fed up with it all, wish i had stopped with talktalk for my phone and broadband and kust bought the Youview Box.


I only bought the YouView box as I physically could not watch telly half of the time or watch what i wanted too

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Your best bet is to go for the "not fit for purpose"/ breach of contract option which would nullify any termination charges.