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Re: Current Deals for existing BT customers.

Yeah, apparently I'm in market 2 and not entitled to Sky's £7.50 so I was told; I haven't checked this, however.


BT Vision for £4 a month is a good deal. Catch-Up is good, but the free PVR is worth-it alone. It will cost you £48 over the 12 month contract.

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Re: Current Deals for existing BT customers.

We've got all the cheap BB providers in our area including Virgin Cable who are **bleep** our area is Market 3...

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Re: Current Deals for existing BT customers.

Just had a look at my notes:


Line Rental   £13.60

BB Option 2  £11.00

TV Gold        £12.50, but £5 off that for first 3 months

Anytime calls £5.00 on a monthly rolling contract


Total £42.10, but £37.10 for first  3 months


I must be in market 3 as I have Virgin cable under the pavement outside. A friend of mine recently discovered to his horror that he was paying Virgin over £100 per month, and had to negotiate his BB speed, programme range downwards to get back to £50 which was where he started with them. 


Since then my area has had a broadband upgrade, and I was sent a new black BTV box out of the blue, presumably to cope with the arrival of BBC iPlayer. So I remain content for the present with BT.


I just noticed today the £4 TV Essential deal for BTV which sounds good as an entry point. Thinking of recommending it to my brother, who has a limited budget and is not even online yet, but is missing out on PVRs and catch-up TV.