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Demand Five - GONE

So BT have removed exactly one third of their catch up service. No replacement, no reason why. My missus is spitting feathers as she can't catch up on the soaps anymore.




You'd better be replacing it, or my contracts (TWO OF THEM) are going elsewhere at renewal.

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

Not just catch up,


Its also gone out of the tv section as well.

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

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Some might suggest that they've been so obsessed with Sky Sports that they've really taken their eye off the ball with On Demand content - on demand of course being the unique and most important aspect of the whole service.


Of course, Five have recently been bought out by the owner of Express newspapers so it may be something the new regime had a look at and felt it was better to invest elsewhere.  my kids will miss the milkshake content.

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

BT have been trying to negotiate a new deal with Channel Five up until yesterday but have failed to reach an agreement with them.

Consequently all of their programming will be out of licence.

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

Hi all


From Wednesday 6th October, Demand 5 (Channel 5 Replay and On Demand content) and Milkshake will no longer be available on BT Vision. This will take 24hours to complete. BT Vision customers will still get Channel 5 programming via Freeview (provided they live in a Freeview reception area). We recommend that Home and Away and Neighbours fans set ‘Series Record’ so that they don’t miss an episode. 


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. BT Vision is still the UK’s biggest On Demand service, with over 5,500 hours of great content at the touch of a button. Catch up on the best programmes from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 at a time that suits you.




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Re: Demand Five - GONE

what is the reason behind this ?

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

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i won't be renewing my contract my broadband was down for thirty hours the other week missing episodes on bt vision wich took bt 18 days to sort out no high definition channels eight hours to download a high definition film twenty five minute wait to talk to someone about it. no infinity in my area probably for a long timeSmiley Mad

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

The problem with relying on series record is when you get a blank recording (like i do on a weekly basis) you still miss the programme. I recorded a Channel 5 programme on Tuesday night, found it was blank and tried find it on Demand Five to discover it had disappeared !! 


Which will be the next replay channel to go?

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Re: Demand Five - GONE

Many thanks for the update Nigel.

A couple of questions for you though:

Are there any plans to re-negeotiate a deal with Channel five for on demand content.

If there are plans for this any ideas when this is 'likely' to be completed?

I'm an avid Ice Road Trucker fan and will be gutted if the Series Record fails on an episode Smiley Sad

Kind Regards
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Re: Demand Five - GONE

Wonder if sky are in talks with five to have the 5 demand service on there new anytime + service?