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Registered: ‎02-05-2010

Error c02!!! for two weeks now!!!!! BT FAIL

this is more of a complaint than a plee for advice i have waited for the "pro's" for two weeks to


'register my bt vision box to the phone number"


An ERROR c02 should be done in no more than 2 hours?? why has it taken two weeks (and still on going). i have called SIX times now and been on hold for longer than an hour in total! i have been told that they will call back and two out of the five times they didnt bother! i have spoken to a number of people i.e. jason, robert, steve and craig.


All i get told is to reset the hub n then when it loads up to reset the box ...but this never works, the wall ports (as the box and hub are in two different rooms) are all green so that's not the issue!


does anyone know what it could be? or has anyone else experienced this? what else do i do ?????

im planning to spam as many forums on the internet as i can just so i can express my complaint that someone shouldnt have to wait two weeks to watch TV!



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Registered: ‎02-05-2010

Re: Error c02!!! for two weeks now!!!!! BT FAIL

this is what BT say but it still doesnt work!

Steps to resolve the issue

  • Check that the BT Vision service is connected to the correct phone line (ADSL line). If you attempt to connect the Vision service to a Home Hub that is not on a line activated for BT Vision the service will not work, and you will see a C02 or C03 error message.
  • Check that you only have one telephone number where you live. If you only have one number then this will be the number your Vision service is setup on.
  • If you have more than one telephone number you can confirm the number of the line by dialling 17070 on your telephone.
  • If the number does not match the line the BT Vision service was setup on you need to unplug the ADSL cable between the current telephone socket and Home Hub. Then plug the cable into the telephone socket which has the telephone number set up for use with BT Vision (please also use a microfilter).

If you still have the problem you can then reboot the Home Hub and reboot the Vision+ box. It’s important to follow each step carefully:

  • Turn off the power to the Home Hub (or disconnect the power supply).
  • Switch off the socket that the Vision+ box power cord is connected to.
  • Wait for ten seconds and then reconnect power to the Home Hub.
  • Allow up to two minutes for the Home Hub to reboot and reconnect. If the reboot and reconnection are successful a solid broadband Internet light will come on.
  • Switch on the socket that the Vision+ box power cord is connected to.
  • The "Starting Please Wait" screen should appear. Shortly after the Vision service should be active.
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Re: Error c02!!! for two weeks now!!!!! BT FAIL

Have you ever had the service or is this you just starting with BT Vision?

If the latter it sounds as though the service isn't properly activated on your line. If you run the BT Speedtester and don't get a QofS service report then it definitely isn't on your line and you need to tell them that and ask for it be referred to offline team.

If you do have QofS on your line and this is a new set up and all the leads etc are connected properly etc then it may be that they have failed to activate your account on the NEVOSS (sp?) database. You can ask them to check this but it needs to be done by the second line team.

If all else fails write to the moderators here and they will get it chased up for you.

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