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Longer Ethernet Cable

I need to buy a longer ethernet cable than the one supplied by BT. It is a white cable with yellow ends. My hub is in one room and TV in another. I need approx 25m - is there any distance over which I will not be able to get my extra and BT Sports channels?

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Re: Longer Ethernet Cable

Make sure you get a cable with minimum Cat 5e specification, you'll be fine at 25m.

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Re: Longer Ethernet Cable

Yes, cat5e or cat6 cable should work fine over that distance.

For a little extra you can get shielded (a.k.a. screened) ones to cut down possible interference from power cables etc.

You do not want a cross-over cable. You want a standard patch cable.


Search Amazon for something like '30m cat5e shielded' and you'll get the idea.