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NEW Troubleshooting/Help Guide for all our BT Vision customers

Hi everyone


One of the things we’re keen on is to keep improving the help and support we give you. Our BTCare forums of course is one way of doing that but add this new troubleshooting/help guide to the mix and getting more from your Vision service will be an absolute breeze!


How to find your Vision Troubleshooting/Help Guide


You can quickly and easily find guidance and help videos on how to resolve a number of Vision problems directly on your Vision+ box. This information can be found in the troubleshooting guide and includes helpful hints on Freeview, VOD, Sports, Error Codes, BT Vision equipment and broadband problems.


To get to the guide on your Vision+ box select channel 999 or simply press the Help button on your remote control or go to the main Vision menu and select Help.  (Note: You may need to reboot your box (hold down power button for 5 secs) to get to the troubleshooting guide via the remote control Help button and main Vision menu option.) 


Top tip if you have a Vision Silver Box – Remote Control Mode Button

If you have a silver Vision box and it suddenly stops responding to the remote control please check the mode button has not been pressed inadvertently causing the remote to try to control the TV. Simply press the mode button and check if the Vision box responds again.



So that’s it. Check it out and if you have any feedback – just let us know!





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