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Aspiring Expert
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Reminder function

Hello All


Does the BT Vision box support some kind of "Reminder" function? like the Sky boxs do (and my TV for that matter) where I can set a reminder to view something on a freeview channel rather than record it?


If so - How?!



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Re: Reminder function

You can't, the Vision box doesn't have a reminder function.

As been suggested some time on here before, the only closest thing you can do is to set up a recording and when the recording starts a banner appears at the top of the screen telling you the recording has started, you could then use this as your reminder and stop the recording or delete it later.

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Re: Reminder function

Doesnt the recording banner only appear if you're watching that same channel at the time though?

I always have to try and keep an eye out for the red record light coming on!

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Re: Reminder function

Oh well that answers why I haven't been able to find it because it hasn't got one! DOH!

30 Years Too Late Mate!