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SKY Sports Pay-per-view?



As Vision is quite a flexible service I am asking if there are any plans where you could purchase seprerate matches broadcast live on Sky Sports channels on a pay-per-match/view basis?

I've had the delayed feed matches  before from the old system-it's not quite the same though is it?

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Re: SKY Sports Pay-per-view?

I'll see what I can find out Smiley Happy


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Aspiring Expert
Posts: 378
Registered: ‎27-01-2010

Re: SKY Sports Pay-per-view?

Any news StephanieG?

That sure is a popstar name!
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Re: SKY Sports Pay-per-view?

This would be a brilliant option if they did. I'm not holding out too much hope, would probably require a different type of agreement with Sky and they'd be offering quite an appealing service to many (depending on per match price) that could take some Sky customers away. Now if Sky offered this themselves there'd probably be more chance of us getting it.

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Re: SKY Sports Pay-per-view?

I'm not even sure that Sky offer matches on a pay-per-view basis so seems unlikely that BT would be able to....


Also, whereas people are quite happy to pay £17 per month extra for a package that includes Sky Sports....and then only watch a couple of games in the month....I think they would be less likely to pay, say, £5 for one match - even though it would work out cheaper. You see that sort of mindset all the time with gym membership i.e. people happy to set up their standing order for £100 a month then use the gym twice....but if they were asked to pay £50 a visit......ouch!