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Stream from PC to Box

The vision box is connected to the home network so I was wondering is it possible to stream something from my pc to my vision box so I can watch something from my PC on my TV?


If its not possible now I think it would be a great feature to have at some point because it would be great to be able to stream videos, live webcasts from my pc to the vision box and you could even dedicate a channel for it or something like you do with iplayer or recordings.  I mean its already connected to the network and I think vision uses WinCE so it shouldnt be too hard to add some type of software to allow streaming to the box :\


Good idea?



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Re: Stream from PC to Box

Good idea and already mentioned in the past I think. However unlikely to happen at present. The box software is changing to linux anyway and that particular feature has not been mentioned for future releases and I don't think it is even in the youview spec so not there either. My TV can do it though. It's getting hard to get a TV with no network connectivity these days so if you need a new TV you'll probably get this as a feture of that

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Re: Stream from PC to Box

Why do you need to do it through the BTV box? I have an HDMI lead hanging behind my TV ready to plug into my laptop whenever I want to use the computer with a big screen. If you use a desktop it can be left permanently connected.

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Re: Stream from PC to Box

Apple TV does the job for me :smileyhappy:
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