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Vision Box clock not advanced to British Summer Time

Bit of an odd one, this.  Only had BT Vision a week.  Yesterday evening, I noticed that the Vision's time (when I pressed Ok/Select) had not advanced to BST.  Not only that, the TV Guide appeared to be running as per this incorrect time, i.e. programmes that should have finished an hour before were being played.  I also couldn't scroll right after pressing Ok/Select to view later programmes.


I undertook a factory reset and, whilst I can now scroll right to see later programmes, the time is still showing as an hour slow.  The result is that programmes are shown at the correct time, e.g. Postman Pat was on Cbeebies at 7.15am this morning, though on the TV Guide it was showing as being on an hour earlier, at 6.15am.


Supplementary to this is the fact that, whilst the factory resent deleted the couple of recordings I'd made from the memory (which I knew it would), when I go to 'Recordings' the memory bar is showing a bit of blue, as though the memory isn't completely empty, despite there being no recordings now saved.


Has anyone experienced similar or able to assist?



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Re: Vision Box clock not advanced to British Summer Time


Hi Jackacarlos76,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. We have noticed a problem over the weekend with the time change but we’ll put that right later this week. Don’t worry about any recordings etc. The programme titles and running order are being shown correctly and any recordings you have scheduled will record the right programme.





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Posts: 60
Registered: ‎26-03-2012

Re: Vision Box clock not advanced to British Summer Time

Thanks, DavidM, for the response.


Don't suppose you're able to shed any light on the fact the 'memory bar' in the 'Recordings' screen shows some blue, suggesting it isn't completely empty, despite me performing a factory reset, thereby deleting the small handful of recordings I had made to date?


Does this memory bar ever show as completely empty or does it sound like I've got something hidden away taking up space, despite me having no saved Recordings?



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Re: Vision Box clock not advanced to British Summer Time

The live channel buffer takes up some disk space as would any HD/3D downloads, although I would have thought the latter would be cleared by the factory reset.