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Re: do i need a new hub ?

Believe there are different types of HomeHub 2.0.


My HomeHub 2.0 type A is scheduled to be replaced  by a Homehub 4 when migration to infinity occurs.

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Re: do i need a new hub ?

scraggydog wrote:
Oops sorry i also have opted in for the extra 18 channels and the free sport. I get blank screen on all of the extra channels yet it tells me whats on. Just cant view it... i.e. if i go to 508 it says 508 bt sport 2 but screen is black.
Ive found the whole experience very stressful. And now they want more money for upgrading hub. Ive been a customer over 12 mths and all that time i was paying extra as my phone,tv,and infinity 2 were all charged seperate. I must have paid around £120 more than i should if they were bundled. Yet they still want 35 for a better hub. I have lost all trust with bt.

The hub you have isn't compatible with the service, you'll need a new one. 

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Re: do i need a new hub ?

Ok thankyou