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problems with bt vision box

hi bt vision box has become very temperamental about 2 years old it has this week begun to freeze on playback, and some live shows and restarting but then freezing, and not coming back on. i have restarted via mains oplug and it works for a bit then  goes off again stopping at exact same point in recorded programmes.

any ideas on how can solve this problems


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Re: problems with bt vision box

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You might try a hard reset of the box and if that fails you probably ought to phone them as the box may be faulty.


Please note a factory reset will delete all content.


This is the general advice I found when doing a Google search


SOFT REBOOT     Turn power off then turn it on   

SOFT RESET        Press green button on box for 6 seconds - box will reset and restart – can take 5 minutes.

HARD RESET,   MASTER RESET    or DR (Disaster Recovery)                                    Doing this will delete any recorded programmes

1. Remove the power cable from the rear
2. Press and hold the down arrow and the ok button on the front of the box.
3. Power up the box with the above buttons pressed in.
4. After 10 seconds release the down and OK buttons.

The VBox will do a complete software download, which may take 30 minutes.
The box will switch itself on and off a few times and at times it will appear nothing is happening (watch the hub, you will see the data lights flashing off and on), be patient, it is doing something.

You will also get displayed a couple of cogs in the centre of the screen.
This is all perfectly normal, just wait. It will do what it has to do.
After all this it will ask you to scan for channels.


1. Disconnect BT Vision box from the mains.
2. Disconnect Hub from mains.     Wait 10-15 minutes.
3. Plug Hub back in.       Wait for lights on hub to stop flashing.
4. Plug in the VBox.       It will go through several screens with blackouts in between, just leave it to it and wait.(Possibly 30 minutes)

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